Friday, May 11, 2012

Do you travel with your shower cap?

How many of you have packed shower caps with you on vacation? Now as weird as it may sound, it’s actually a novel idea. Shower caps can prove to be essential when vacationing.

You’ve purchased your Shower Cap by Je’Mere and have booked your summer vacation but you never thought to pack your shower cap. You check into your hotel room only to find out that they don’t provide shower caps. Now you’re stuck looking for a place to buy a shower cap that may be too small and not your favorite design.

Traveling with your Shower Cap by Je’Mere is easy and will take the hassle out of trying to protect your hairstyle.

Here’s how to maintain your shower cap while on vacation:
©       Prior to packing, let the shower cap air dry or wipe it down with a cotton cloth
©       Fold it up
©       Transport it in the drawstring bag
©       After using it, shake it dry and let it hang to dry completely

Now, for those of you who still can’t part with the plastic disposable shower caps, you can use it to protect/carry certain items. Here are a few suggestions that we found…

      ©       They’re perfect for covering your shoes that are going to be packed; think about it you want to stuff everything into one bag, but you don’t want the bottom of your shoes against your favorite shirt.

     ©       Spent the day in the pool filled with chlorine? Use the disposable shower cap to condition your hair overnight while you sleep!

     ©       Use it to keep loose items from getting tangled while traveling. Hand roll items such as ties, belts, and scarves. Keep them separate by placing them in disposable shower caps.  

Jet setters, tell us what are some items that you will never travel without packing in your carryon luggage?

Happy Travels!

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