About Us

The Designer
In 2007, the year Je'Mere got married she started thinking about her future goals. Although she was furthering her education by attending The Fashion Institute of Technology, she wanted more. With constant dreams of being the president of her own company in the forefront of her mind, she continued to think of ways to become successful.

At home, she was always unsatisfied with the performance of the plastic shower caps and frustrated with the color and size variety sold in the beauty supply stores. That is where the idea of creating her own fashionable yet durable shower caps for consumers came into play and she created Shower Caps by Je'Mere.

The Company
Style J, Inc. is the parent company to Shower Caps by Je’Mere. Shower Caps by Je’Mere specializes in creating and selling custom design shower caps for women, men, and children. Each shower cap is designed in over 15 styles including, solid colors and animal prints by using vinyl fabric and assorted trims. Shower Caps by Je’Mere also supplies additional and customized styles to meet a variety of customer request and marketplace needs. The two types of shower caps available are non-reversible, reversible. Shower caps by Je’Mere are also available in various sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. Prices can range from $15-$30 per shower cap depending on the fabric, trim, and accessories requested. Each shower cap is safely supported inside a recycled drawstring pouch.