Friday, July 20, 2012

The Benefits of Wearing Shower Caps…

Have you ever asked why do people wear shower caps? Why is it even necessary to wear one? Well we here at Shower Caps by Je’Mere, believe that it is a necessary element to add into one’s hair care routine. This applies to all textures and styles of hair. Everyone needs a shower cap!

Have you recently had a Keratin Treatment, or Brazillian Blowout? Immediately following these processes it’s recommended to not wash your hair at least 3-4 days after, to allow the product to work…Washing your hair daily after these treatments can prematurely strip the treatment from your hair.

Or maybe you just had your hair styled for an event or special outing? Would you really want to risk losing that beautiful hair style in the shower? Custom made Shower Caps by Je’Mere, come in a variety of sizes and can help protect that style.
If your hair is natural and or curly, and prone to a case of frizzies then it is also recommended to not wash your hair daily and opt for washing every 3-4 days. This helps to preserve/retain moisture in your hair and reduce the frizz.

So regardless of your hair type, length, or texture, having and using a shower cap is essential. There are many benefits of owning a shower cap from Shower Caps by Je’Mere, it allows you to have a proper fitting cap as opposed to those generic clear caps found at the local beauty supply, you won’t have to worry about tearing or ripping your cap, and you can order it in a style and color that matches your personality.  

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