Friday, September 7, 2012

Best Selling Colors of 2011

Wow!!! After selling through hundreds of Shower Caps by Je’Mere, these were the fan favorites of them all… Let us reflect on the colors that made it to the top for 2011, and the fashion trends that inspired them…

Style #1222 Pink Gold RV (reversible)


This chic design combines a gold tone with a bright pink for that pop of color and its reversible so when you’re feeling funky flip it to the pink side…

No. 2:
Style # 1214 Exotic Jungle RV (reversible)

Earth tones inspired, this beauty is a faux Snake Skin with Gold…

No. 3:
Style # 1225 Cheetah Pop


For the city girl, this style is a Cheetah print with Red. This is definitely a statement piece.

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