Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 Circle of Sisters "The Preparation"

My workdesk preparing for the 2011 Circle of Sisters
After attending the Circle of Sisters in 2008, walking the floor, seeing the amazing designers and their creative products and business ventures, I knew this was the perfect place to be. After months of thought, my team and I finally went forward and signed on as a vender. However, prepping for the circle of sisters was both fun and stressful.

With approximately 40,000 people in attendance, the pressure of picking 3 to 4 top sellers oppose to selecting my personal favorites was tough. After letting go of my personal favorites, I threw in a few random styles that I had in inventory but decided as a team to go with the styles below. The styles were picked based on personality and to cover all bases we had styles for every personality!

The Trend Setter: Fashionable, Risk taker, Sexy
"Cheetah Pop" Style# 1225

"Femme Fatel" Style# 1226
Ms. Mature: Simple, Classic, Regal
"Chocolate Carmel" Style# 1221

The Youthful: Fun, Quirky, Unique
"Pink Gold" Style #1222

Next up, 2011 Circle of Sisters Day 1….


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