Friday, October 28, 2011

2011 Circle of Sisters "Day 1"

Day 1 started off with a BANG and 3 hours of no sleep felt like a full 8 hours! After cups of Java and 5 hour energy shots, my team and I were ready to set up the booth.

At 11am our booth was all set up and moments later, filled with people who had inquires and questions.

Also in the building were reality TV stars Jennifer Williams and Tami Roman from Basketball Wives Miami and Nene Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta who I got a chance to meet.

During a slow point, I found a quick second to leave my booth and dashed over to meet Tami at her busy booth to show her my shower cap that she loved and thought was trendy and well made.

VH1 Basketball Wife Tami Roman
Right after the picture above, we were both pulled away by our busy booths and we never got a chance to finish our conversation, in which she later tweeted:

Both Jennifer and Tami loved the Cheetah print. Here is a picture of Jennifer and I in which she later selected the shower cap, “Cheetah Pop” Style #1225 as the one she wanted.

Next up the final day, 2011 Circle of Sisters Day 2.....

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