Friday, November 4, 2011

2011 Circle of Sisters "Day 2"

Owner and Designer Je'Mere Smith
Another and final crack of dawn morning at the Jacob Javits Center with coffee runs and team work.

President of Style J, Inc., Je'Mere Smith

Mother & Husband helping with booth set up
The reaction from those who visited the Shower Caps by Je’Mere booth #435 was reassuring, enlightening, and uplifting. The following are some words our visitors and clients used in describing our Shower Caps:

Some weren’t sure what it was when first viewing the product. They thought it was a hat, a rain bonnet, and a sleeping cap. Once they got closer and after feeling it then they realized it was a shower cap but thought it was too nice to wear only in the shower! Some visitors thought they could even wear it in the rain. How our clients decide to wear our products is up to them.

We just appreciated all the positive feedback from every visitor and supporter and look forward to the 2012 Circle of Sisters!!
As a fellow member of Project Enterprise, we would like to thank Project Enterprise staff Althea Burton and Michelle Eames for helping us plan this event and visiting our booth!


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